Who is running


In 2019 the members of the Hatcham LIberal Club  asked Stephen Carrick-Davies, an active member of the community to re-open the club on a 6 month pilot to see how a modern work hub could be developed and the hall kept as a local community asset. 

Stephen has been a resident of New Cross for over 35 years. He is a fellow of the school of Social Entrepreneurs, has been a CEO of 3 not-for-profit organisations and worked around the world.


Stephen currently runs the Facework programme which helps young people aquire the soft-skills needed for the changing world of work including in India, where Stephen was born and grew up.

The club has to run as a members club and as a business. However as part of Stephen's committment to the community 5 free places will be available to young people 18-25 years old wanting to start up their own business.

You can learn more about Stephen from his Linked IN profile and the Facework Project here.  You can contact him at info@hatchamhouse.com

Stephen is being assisted by the generous help of 3 volunteers.


Hatcham House is a project run by the Facework Group CIC (Community Interest Company Registered in the UK company number 12598896 ©2020 Facework Group CIC