Hatcham House is run by the Facework Group CIC, a Community Interest Company established in the UK.

​Facework helps young people acquire the soft-skills and character strengths needed for the changing world of work.

Facework is currently developing a major programme in India. Take a look at their website to see the amazing work they do www.faceworkindia.com  




In 2019 the members of the Hatcham Liberal Club  asked Stephen Carrick-Davies, an active member of the community to re-open the club on a 6 month pilot to see how a modern work hub could be developed and the hall kept as a local community asset. 

​Stephen has been a resident of New Cross for over 35 years. He is a fellow of the school of Social Entrepreneurs, has been a CEO of 3 not-for-profit organisations, working around the world.

Stephen currently runs Facework, helping young people aquire the soft-skills needed for the changing world of work including in India, where Stephen was born and grew up.

​The club has to run as a members club and as a business. However as part of Stephen's committment to the community 5 free places will be available to young people 18-25 years old wanting to start up their own business.

​Connect with Stephen and learn more about his work here


Established in 1880 the original Hatcham Liberal Club was a working man's club which in its height had over 1,000 local members.

Gradually with work-patterns changing and the challenge of looking after a Grade II listed building, membership fell and the original hall at the back of the building was sold off in 2007.

​In 2016 the building was lovingly restored by a private developer and as part of this transformation a smaller hall was created for the members. 

Links to historical articles about the Hatcham Liberal Club can be found here and  history about the wider 'Hatcham' area here.




Accessibility is important so in addition to our premium membership we offer a very affordable membership rate and a number of free memberships to 18-25 year olds. 





"It's not what you know, it's who you know". We connect our members with each other and with opportunities so they can make magic can happen.

A hub for all local people from the corporates and freelancers to the students and entrepreneurs. We work to support local projects and businesses.

Laura is our Community Manager and looks after all of our HH members and is in charge of engaging our local community. If you would like to work with Hatcham House or have any queries you can contact her here.


Maeve and Rosie are two important members of the Hatcham House community. They volunteer with the day to day running and behind the scenes operations of Hatcham House.