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an exhibition by anthony stiles

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Anthony Stiles has been developing his creative photographic practice for eight years. His love of travel and new experiences allow him to draw on what he sees before him - cityscapes, plants, landscapes – transforming these views into experimental photographic works.


Using his camera as a palette and brush, Anthony develops textured abstract imagery through detailed and meticulous processes. Working mainly in-camera, he composites, layers, colours and reframes, creating unexpected works that vibrate with colour and rhythm.


From a childhood spent drawing and painting, his career spanned various creative industries, such as magazine, advertising and graphic design. He ended his career as Managing Director of his own agency providing design of point of sale material and packaging consultation for a number of blue-chip companies.


Anthony Stiles is an Abstract Photographer drawing on his background in the creative industries. This exhibition is his first solo show of new work, 2018-2021.

All images exhibited are constructed in camera. Various techniques are used such as multiple exposure, or intentional camera movement within the moment. Using various blending modes throughout the process each image is impossible to replicate. Using his strong eye for colour, form and detail, Anthony constructs beautiful images from nature and urban scenes.

Artist Anthony Stiles

To view more of Anthony's work please visit his website.

The photographs above are just some of the pieces being exhibited at Hatcham House. 

If you are interested in viewing the full exhibition in person or buying any of the prints please email

10% of proceeds will go to Telegraph Hill Welcomes Refugees - an organisation supporting the resettlement of a refugee family. 

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