A Covid - 19 Legacy idea

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The Community Care Day (CCDay) initiative is a simple idea to create a living legacy to honour the lives lost during the  Covid-19 pandemic.

​During the national emergency many hundreds of thousands of people stepped forward to help their neighbours and serve their wider communities.  Many are now saying we must build on this experience and not 'return to normal’.

Designating a CCDay each month could be a vehicle through which individuals and communities can re-calibrate the way we  live, support and indeed strengthen our local communities.

Just as after the second world war the National Health Service was established, so we have the opportunity to continue to mobilise teams of volunteers to build resilient communities through regular CCDays. Activities taking place on these days could be small, grass-roots initiatives run and owned by local people who want to come together intentionally once a month to work to strengthen their communities. 

​Could our Telegraph Hill community pilot this approach and get at least 100 neighbours to commit to running a CCDay once a month?

Just think what we could do in 1,200 days. 

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