Hatcham House re-opened in mid June when shops and schools re-opened. 

We have followed government guidance, undertaken a risk assessment and take our responsibility to protect all our members and visitors to Hatcham house extremely seriously. Watch this video to see some of the measures we have taken. 


Measures taken including:


  • Strict temperature checks of all visitors before entry.

  • Social distanced spacing by reducing number of desks to 15.

  • Regular deep cleans of the building and sanitizing desks before the start of any use.  

  • Regular cleaning of all shared surfaces including toilets.

  • Hand sanitizer for all visitors. 

  • Restricting access to kitchen areas. 

  • Daily 'Track and Trace' sign up on entry. 

  • Offering all visitors free masks.

  • Risk assessment with each new member . 

  • Support and care for all our visitors. 

  • Ensuring no-one comes in if any household member has been unwell for the last 14 days.

Covid poster close up..jpeg
If you have any questions about our Risk Assessment, our procedures or want to share from your experience of developing Covid-protected work spaces please contact
Stephen on info@hatchamhouse.com 

This short film by one of the HH members - Mark Stevenson - outlines some of the challenges and opportunities of workplaces post Covid.