Hatching Enterprise

After reopening post lockdown in June 2020, Hatcham House sponsored five 18-25 year olds who were unemployed or starting a business. By providing a space where they could work, connect and feel supported we have seen some amazing projects and work be delivered. 


Seed workshops

SEED is a project set up by 3 of our young members, delivering a series of talks about work and the impact it has on us, with a particular focus on supporting young people who are unemployed or seeking work. The project was a result of all 3 members being made redundant and facing the difficulties of unemployment and the competitive job search during the pandemic. 


They aim to provide a support network and teach a range of skills that will give young people facing unemployment and difficult work situations confidence and hope in this unpredictable climate. Through a series of live talks on Instagram they explore a range of issues, from how unemployment and job rejections impact our mental health, to how working patterns are changing and how to create opportunities for yourself and start your own business. 

With recognition from local organisations and charities for being enterprising and for the work they are doing to provide a solution to youth unemployment, Seed has gained funding from Hyde Foundation (housing association) and Hatch Enterprise. They are using the money to pay other young people to join the conversation as 'guest speakers' sharing their experiences and advice. 

'The Power Of Confidence: with Sarah Akinterinwa'

'Self care in the world of work: with Hafsa Issa-Salwe'

To stay up to date with the work Seed are doing and to see watch their videos live on Saturday mornings, follow their instagram @seed.workshops

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