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Do you want to develop a 

community work hub in your area ?


Our Hatch Local model could be exactly what you need. 

The Hatch Local model has been developed at Hatcham House (HH) a community work-hub in South London which has created a high-quality workspace for both those employed and those under-employed. Despite Covid HH has managed to develop a sustainable, agile business model, and pioneer a number of innovative employability and social programmes for the local community.

Post- Covid we believe that our model could be replicated by residents’ groups around the country. 

The crucial factors are:

  1. The quality of the ‘hosting’ which needs to be done by professionals who care deeply about their local community regeneration and want to facilitate change and

  2.  A rigorous professional business model which is focussed on employment and enterprise and has a robust monitoring reporting structure for inputs, outputs and outcomes and impact

The diagram below outlines 6 crucial components of our model. 

We can provide advice and consultancy on a wide range of issues involved in developing a community work-hub.  Including:

  • Transforming an old building in to a workspace.

  • Hosting and providing quality service to customers.

  • Business formula - no of desks per space per price and cross-subsidy models.

  • Marketing  - promoting your workspace and event/hire of premises.

  • App Development - how do you create an app which gives users flexibility? 

  • Developing employability training programmes with and for young people. 

  • Hosting community events - including broadcasting using IGTV.

  • Working with local partners including Housing Associations, Councils and businesses.

  • Running a licensed premises for social gatherings/functions .

  • Managing volunteers.  


Please contact Stephen Carrick-Davies  stephen@hatchamhouse.com  

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Short video of Stephen being interviewed about Hatcham House